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I'm Connor Cummings.

Based in Northwest Iowa, I'm a Computer Science student passionate about learning about and building software.

Computer Science Student, Buena Vista University IT Technician, Wild Rose Casino & Resort

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PageWise is a basic personal library management system. It allows users to browse the books they own, locate those books in the real world, and manage any changes to their library. Built as a mobile-first single-page web application, PageWise is designed to be simple and easy to use.

1942 Clone


For our Computer Science I final project, we were tasked with creating (or recreating) a game using pygame. I chose to recreate the classic arcade game 1942. The recreation includes basic movement, shooting, mutliple enemies, bosses, powerups, levels, scoring, and a leaderboard.



SCC - The Sorta-C Compiler - is a basic self-consuming compiler for a subset of C, with a few extensions added in. SCC has only a few basic optimizations built in, including basic AST folding, static simplification, and peephole optimizations. At its core, SCC is nothing more than a fun side project I undertook to understand the low level fundamentals of languages while learning C.

Link Shortener


In this project, I created a link shortener and basic traffic analyzer. The link shortener operates as a single-page web application, while the settings menu allows the creation of additional users, restricting access of users, and creating custom reports at runtime.

Bounty Bot, Quipster


Bounty Bot and Quipster are a pair of discord bots created for friends. Bounty Bot, made for a competitive league of a video game, manages a series of bounties, values, assignments, and proposals. Quipster runs a simple game among friends prompting players for an answer to a randomly generated question. Both were built using the DSharpPlus library.


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